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We have a long family history of traditional auctioneering, but we’re not afraid to take new risks—even if it means breaking new ground in an age-old industry.

Through skill, charisma and instinct, we've long been known to entertain crowds and close sales at top value. Today, we're modernizing live auctions by marrying traditional auctioneering with the gateway to the future, in the sale of both tangible and digital assets.
On top of our innovative nature, our auctioneers are extraordinary. They know how to engage a crowd and work a room, increasing bids and meriting top dollar for items sold. This is why Lovig Auction Group continues to live up to its acclaimed reputation in the sale of both tangible and digital assets.
Simply put, we’re great at what we do.

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Lovig Auction Group’s auctioneering experience spans over half a century.

Since 1945, Lovig Auction Group has facilitated the sale of assets through tens of thousands of live auctions across the country, and across three generations of auctioneers.
From humble beginnings, Lovig Auction Group is now recognized as one of the best auction houses in western Canada, while retaining the integrity, familiarity, relationship-focus, and charm of a family business. Both sellers and buyers know the Lovig name.
We built our reputation from the sale of equipment, farms, livestock, and more than $1 billion of real estate by public auction. Our newly refined business model and innovative technology will see our focus dialed in and applied to the auction of real estate, tangible and digital assets.